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Top 7 Sites To See

1.Skyscanner   Skyscanner is a global travel search company. You most likely have heard or used this site. It is my first stop when looking for flights, hotels or car rentals. It compares numerous amount of site and gives me the basis on where to set my budget....

10 saving tips to make your travel experience more affordable in 2020

The time to execute all those goals and dreams is here and I will be sharing how I manage to travel well on a reasonable budget. I am sharing 10 tips that you can use to save, and afford to book your holiday and take that much deserved time off from work. Read More

Why being late or too early are equally as bad: Get a watch!

Who is guilty of being late? When it comes to being late, I will happily raise my hand for someone who used to be constantly tardy. I remember my uni days I would leave on time, at least I thought I was. I would get caught in traffic, which I anticipated and then rock...

Visiting Melbourne soon? 3 hotels you might consider staying

Melbourne is one of the places I have always wanted to stay at, if not visit. Melbourne is the second most popular city in Australia after Sydney. If you are stepping your foot in Sydney, then you might as well go ahead and let your heart content by stepping...
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