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5 Benefits of Living Alone | Fit and Flo

“Those who fly solo have the strongest wings”

Living alone is something a lot of us fear. We often think, Will I be depressed, an introvert, or perhaps a socially awkward person? The truth is, it can. It depends on how you look at life. If you take life as a lesson then you will surely learn valuable lessons from living alone. Below are the top 5 perks of living alone. These are my own experience and other people may feel otherwise.


Yes!, you become responsible like a fully grown adult, unless you are just a carefree drunk or drug user who just don’t care about life. No offences to anyone that does, I could use a glass of wine myself. Responsibilities come the moment you step out of your family or friend’s house. No one cares about you anymore except for you. No more, “Honey wake up! You are going to be late!” because no one knows about your business.  That being said, you start creating a habit, with no influence from others. I call this habit ‘discipline’. It teaches you to wake up when it is time to, save enough money for emergency situations, bills, groceries and the like. Budget becomes a necessity in your life because you look up to yourself for rescue.  If you ever wanted to lose weight, well now is the time. We all know weight loss is evenly influence by what we consume.  Well, now is the time to have your diet game on point without anyone questioning you. Personally, I make meal plans for a week  ( 2 to 4 day) and store in small lunch boxes. You can’t find time to cook for a single person every day three times a day.

2. Freedom

You have already seen how you become responsible for certain things even little things in your life. With this responsibility comes freedom because you are now the regulator of everything that is happening. Don’t we all just want to be free and do what we want? Let me tell you that now you can. You can surely wake up when you want, eat what you want, walk naked in your apartment, sing loud when having a shower, go out till late or invite whoever you want with no one up your sleeves.

  3. Know yourself Truely Now that you are free and you are doing what you want, when you want you to start to notice that some things you do more often than others. You develop a habit or affected over something you are interested in. You will probably do this without subconsciously but if you are living by your self, take a look at the movies you watch the last few months, the places you visited, the food you tend to prepare. You will be surprised you tend to enjoy a certain genre over the other, how you enjoy certain types of food over the other, or even how you avoid certain people and yet spend more time with other certain people. Talking about the genre I personally realised I enjoy reading books on self-development for leisure. What I am saying is, you become drawn naturally to things that interest you and this is how you get to know yourself. When you finally meet your, life partner or soul mate, you would have had your own personality as you now become familiar with who you are.

4. Silence Now, when it comes to silence, some people may say, ‘this is what I feared, being alone and lonely!’ Yes, you are alone but not necessarily lonely. To know yourself truly you are to take a step back and reflect on your life. Having silence, literally no noise just probably you breathing will get you to have an introspection of your life. You think about your present, your purpose, your goals. It almost feels like you are goal setting and learning from what happened in the past. In silence, you can articulate your thoughts.


5. Relationship Believe it or not, your circle becomes small but your relationships become even stronger. The say “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”.  Those people with a superficial connection will give up on you and will not be in contact anymore. They do not put in the effort so do you, which makes you realise that they weren’t as important in the first place. On the other hand, those who are truly your friends will find all means to contact you, either my messaging, calling, visiting and even by tagging you in memes. Don’t underestimate the importance of tags from friends. It just shows that you are in their minds always and you should return the favour.

“Those who fly solo have the strongest wings”

This quote just says it all. Living by yourself, or should I say travelling alone makes you a more resilient and self-aware individual. If you get the opportunity even once, try it because what I have learned has been far more valuable than I can describe in writing.

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