Happy International Nurse Week| Why I chose to become an Agency Nurse

May 12, 2020Healthcare and Tips0 comments

It is International nurse week, and I would like to start off by thanking all the healthcare workers for their hard work and dedication to patient care. In this blog, I will share with you why we commemorate this day, and as a bonus, I will also be sharing why I chose to only work as a casual agency nurse.

International nurse week is an anniversary celebration of Florence Nightingale’s birthday. If you are not aware, Florence was one of the first nurses who introduced modern nursing. She established a nursing school and was big on sanitation (infection control). This is still so important and more relevant than ever, especially considering the current pandemic we face today. The international nurse week not only commemorates her birth but also appreciates the role of nurses in healthcare

Each year there is a theme for the celebration which is lead by the World Health Organisation and the International Council of Nurses. From my understanding, they aim to encourage current young nurses to advance in their field and take on leadership roles, and also to inspire those still thinking about career choices to consider rewarding carer choices such as nursing.

The field of nursing is broad. Some of the nursing roles I am still unaware of, till today. You could become a beside hospital nurse, a defence force nurse, cosmetic nurse, legal nurse, dental nurse, a community nurse, nurse educators and so forth. On top of that, in those categories are even more subcategories or niches you could work in based on your interest or experience.  For example, mental health, orthopedics, radiology are all somewhat closely related to hospital nursing/beside nursing.  There are a lot of options for you as a nurse if beside isn’t for you.

Agency nursing, on the other hand, is a type of flexible casual nursing. This is when a nurse who is qualified in a particular field, chooses when they are available to work and can work in any location that is requiring a staff. Agency nurse is a staffing solution for hospitals and other organisations to fill up spots where they can’t fill.

Why did I choose to become an agency nurse?


I chose agency nursing because it best suits my personality and the lifestyle I would like to live. I enjoy travelling, and I also enjoy working in different organisations. I believe I get the chance to learn more, and quicker, although it does come with challenges. I love assessing how other various organisations perform. It allows me to discover a new easier way to carry out a task without compromising the patient and staff’s safety and I am not afraid to suggest or recommend it to the organisation or even use it my self to achieve the best outcome. Agency nurse has taught me that change can be uncomfortable and for that do not to be afraid to ask questions and help when needed. I found myself now becoming more comfortable with processing change, becoming quick to adapt, and ready to learn. With these skills, I can be comfortable working in any organisation under my scope of practise and deliver the best care I know how to the patients in my care. Because I am in control of my working days, unlike full-time employees, I get to plan my life for me to also have a great life-work-balance where I can choose to travel around, relocate anywhere, and work on other personal projects/interests.  A happy worker equals a happy outcome and for now, this is working for me. Happy International nurse week to all the fantastic, hardworking nurses out there.


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