The summer holiday is around the corner in Australia. With the vaccination rates ramping up and restrictions easing, the last thing we want to do is spend our summer indoors. Like most of us, we plan on breathing fresh air and taking in all the vitamin D the sun has to offer.
Of course, we would love to sunbathe, but there are many other creative things you can plan to get your friends and family excited for the holidays. Here is a list of fun summer activities you can plan

  1. Beach party. This can range from a picnic where everyone brings in snacks or meals to share to an actual disco party where you have drinks and dance to some music by the beach. All you need is your portable speakers. I like the Boss speakers or Sony speakers, and of course, stay cool and hydrated. I recommend purchasing a cooler bag or a cooler box (esky) to keep your drinks and meals fresh. 
  2. Beach Ball. Get physical while having fun. Most families and friends enjoy playing volleyball. You don’t always need a net; a simple line to show borders is all you need to start competition amongst teams. Soccer or football is another sport/game that is fun to play at the beach. This is when you pass the ball amongst players, and one person has to try and snatch the ball from those pacing it. Another fun game is Dodge ball with a beach ball; almost everyone knows how to play, including kids. Summer Activities in Australia
  3. Paddle BoardingPaddleboarding is an absolute blast for creative individuals or couples who want some peace and serenity. You do not need to purchase any paddle boards or gears as you can easily rent them around the area you plan to paddleboard. Just do a google search for your nearest paddleboard hire. It is probably cheaper than buying the gear yourself; however, if you want to purchase yours to keep, they can be found on amazon.
  4. Surfing. Catch those waves and ride along. Don’t know how to surf? Challenge yourself to some surfing lessons, you will fall many times, but that is where the fun lies. Ps, I do not recommend learning to surf alone. Always get a professional surfer to guide and watch over you as waves can be strong.

    Summer Activities and Sports

    group of friends playing beach volleyball

  5. Pool party. Why not party all night in your backyard. Don’t have a pool? You can always hire or purchase the inflatable pools which you can keep forever. Alternatively, you can book an Airbnb pool for a night, however, be mindful of other people’s property when you host these events even if you are only having a few close friends and family. 

After almost two years of living a fearful life in lockdown, we are finally somewhat free to move around and father in groups. We finally realise how precious life is and how important it is to enjoy and make the most of every holiday season. There are a few must-have essentials, no mBest Summer Activities atters what type of activities you are planning this summer. Here is a list you may want to have ready in time for the summer holiday.


Beach Towel 





Don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but preparing for this early on is what makes it become a reality. I hope you become creative and spend time with your friends and family this summer.