Top 7 Travel Sites



Skyscanner is a global travel search company. You most likely have heard or used this site. It is my first stop when looking for flights, hotels or car rentals. It compares numerous amount of site and gives me the basis on where to set my budget. Go here if you want to roughly estimate your budget.




2. Booking.Com is another popular travel company. I love this site because it not only includes hotels but apartments and some other cool Airbnb homes that are unique or very convenient for your stay.


3. Viator


Viator is a TripAdvisor company that offers a great experience for many travel destinations. On this site, you will find many activities including tours, attractions and private tour guide. 





4. TripAdvisor Rentals


I love TripAdvisor Rentals because it literally has rental apartments.  We are obviously abandoning the traditional hotel stay and moving more into more budget-friendly, rentals/home-sharing.  Now they are not always cheap because some of the rentals you find at TripAdvisor are way better than your regular 5-star hotel and in most cases, you are getting the whole apartment to yourself. I will stay in apartments over hotels any day. Highly recommend you to check your staycation here as you go through other sites.




5. Looking4- Airport Parking.


Thanks to the internet we can now book a spot to park your car days or weeks before your travel destination, Gone are the days you will just pull up and spend hours looking for parking.  If you live alone and got no one to drop you off, then you know how beneficial sites like this are. That is why I decided to include this.



6. EuropCar

Now, I also got you covered for transport. Europcar is also a global car rental to check out. If you are travelling for a short trip and want to do more activities, I recommend a car rental that way you avoid the waiting times for taxi or other public transport. Also if you are staying for a long trip, often times car renting might turn out cheaper, you just have to weigh the benefits but certainly a cool site to check out



7. Book Depository


I know what you are thinking. Isn’t this a book website? Yes, it is. Now, I don’t know about you but as you travel you will always have time to kill. What a better way to do by reading a novel, self-help book, learn a new skill or about the place you are going to. I believe travellers are curious people in general and a book site is something not to be missed.  I find books here to be at a bargain price. You do not need to be travelling to get yourself a nice book, you can literally live through a book while lounging in your living room. It is that cool!

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