Visiting Melbourne Soon?

Three hotels you might consider staying at

Melbourne is one of the places I have always wanted to stay at, if not visit. Melbourne is the second most popular city in Australia after Sydney. If you are stepping your foot in Sydney, then you might as well go ahead and let your heart content by stepping into Melbourne, an hour flight away.

I am not here to tell you things you can do in Melbourne because the least goes on. If you would like me to, then please let me know in the comment. But even myself, with only just over six months of relocating in Victoria, I still haven’t mastered everything, but I sure would have a few recommendations.

Today, I am here to talk to you about places you can stay at while you explore your interest. Deciding where to stay can be tricky, but it is something to consider as it will help with your budget and even your overall experience.

I won’t be talking about the best Airbnb places as I do not use Airbnb a lot, unless if I am booking an entire apartment or home. I never felt comfortable staying in someone’s house while their family are present, that being said, this might change. Afterall experiences are better than none.

Depending on what you are after, these are the three great places I have stayed at and I will explain why.

The Great Southern Hotel Convenience

The Great Southern Hotel is not the best hotel in Melbourne, but it sure does accommodate your needs if you want something within the city. It is literally across a southern cross station where you have access to pretty much all train lines and trams to all the places in Melbourne. Shops are within walking distances, and so are the attractions across the city.

For someone coming far and without a car, this place is ideal. Uber is also within seconds but what’s the use when there are so many free trams around?

If you are a backpacker, then I see you considering this place for its price and location. Now the rates are not always low although usually low; if you get it for less than $80/night, then you got a deal. Most backpacker hostels offer cheap places to stay but they are usually shared with bunk beds, and if you get a private room at a hostel, it is almost about $100 or more. For someone who likes a bit of privacy and peace of mind, then you might want to consider The Great Southern Hotel. 

Four Point by Sheraton Melbourne – Comfort

Four Point is not your average hotel, and neither is it the ultimate 5-star hotel. It is very clean with very professional staff. You will have comfort and peace of mind knowing you are safe.

Location wise, it is in an excellent place for people who are sporty and love lovely adventure and shopping. There is a stadium within walking distance. The New Year’s fireworks were lit all over the stadium, you can imagine the view. Outside Four point are the shopping mall right across the road (The District) and the trams which only takes a few minutes to get to Southern Cross and other places within Melbourne. Food places are just plenty, especially closer to Yarra river and sounding areas.

What I especially love about this place is that it is quiet enough for you to be relaxed yet sufficient for you to have things to do if you want to. When it comes to recreation, Four Point has a heated pool and spa, well, I hope it was because it sure felt nice and warn when I indulged in it before the sun rose. The view is just breathtaking; I had a view of the star observation wheel, the highlight of Docklands city. To see more visit my INSTAGRAM Page

The Chen – Boxhill – Peace

Okay, you might think I went overboard by saying The Chen is the ultimate peaceful place, but this was my experience. I felt like I didn’t have to worry about anything.

The hotel is located in Boxhill although there are some of the same hotels in other places across Melbourne such as Art Series  in St Kilda’s, this place was beautiful

First thing first the way it looks feels so luxurious and modern. Well designed, like duh! Hence the name Art Series. The artist Zhon Chen inspires the Chen design, but whoever he is, he is a great artist.

The rooms were big, for me anyway and the beds were to comfort, to the point where you wouldn’t want to get out of bed. Now I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad. The view was also spectacular, especially from their observation deck, which happened to be where the pool was. You could see almost the entire CBD of Melbourne. It was just magnificent. Again see my INSTA for more photos. 

Another reason why I felt it was peaceful was that I didn’t have to worry about parking. I thought you had to pay for parking, but mine was free for my stay. This eased most of the stress because if you know Melbourne you know parking is a hassle, especially overnight parking. Not to worry, Boxhill is a little out of the main CBD where parking costs a fortune so parking is usually not an issue. Hence why driving in Boxhill or renting a car isn’t bad, although they have trams as well. Either way, it is a place to consider and a place to be experienced.

Have you been to Melbourne, what places have you stayed at and what was our experience? If not, where would you ever recommend someone to visit?


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