Why I don’t Focus on IG as much

May 19, 2020Healthcare and Tips0 comments


We have all heard that Instagram is great for marketing, but is it? Unless if you started with content creation in the early phase or you are known for something, let’s say a television host, actor, actress or someone who already had followers in real life. However, what about the general people like us. People who are starting to realise their potential and interest and want to get to their audience. Is Instagram going to do it for us? Is it a tool that can help us convert the audience?

I find it rather excruciatingly painful. You often hear big influencers talking about being yourself, authentic and posting quality content. Considering how tough the algorithm is, competing with people who have been on the platform for a long time, or who have had an audience outside of IG, or who have the money to get the best camera and assistance backstage is just tight.
So what then? How can we market our product, get our content seen? There are many social media platforms, obviously right? However, some of the social media that exist do not get the credit they deserve based on their capability in generating leads.

I recently took my focus off Instagram to other platforms. Since then, I have made more sales than I ever did with Instagram. Pinterest is no doubt one of the best for content sharing and linking your content, but Youtube, Quora and Reddit are just as good. I believe this is because people on those platforms are genuinely in search of something, unlike Instagram, which is solely based on the most like, views but little prospects.
I am not advising anyone to give up, but personally, as a loyal sister our here, if I keep pouring for a very long time and not getting an ounce of results, and I put the same amount of time and energy into something else, and get the result I was after, I see no reasons to stay. It is like a relationship, give and take. It all comes down to social health, a topic for another day.

I still use Instagram, but certainly not giving in more attention than I do on platforms that gives back, no more wasted energy!

What do you all think? Is Instagram worth it? What other platforms besides IG are you pouring your time and energy into?

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